Interlocking Foam Tile Mat by Craig & Karl

Interlocking Foam Tile Mat by Craig & Karl


We have a very limited edition of Craig & Karl floor mat prototypes for sale. Please contact us to check availability.

As one of the more ambitious projects to come out of nestling, international art and design duo Craig and Karl have designed a set of interlocking foam mat flooring tiles like none you’ve ever seen.

Each pack of matting contains an array of blue, yellow, black and white tiles that offer up a host of different pattern combinations within the 2x1m rectangular design. 

Comprised of toddler-safe EVA foam, the finished mat stands 2cm thick and will create a soft surface in any space. They’re extremely versatile, easy to assemble and clean – the perfect way to brighten up a playroom, or a quiet meditation and yoga space for adults.

As with previous Lamington Drive Editions such as The Colours Puzzles, early units sell out quite quickly, so we have opened up this pre-order to allow those who have expressed early personal and wholesale interest to claim their spot in the queue.

By producing objects to order and fulfilling needs as they arise we endeavour to make a shift away from the flood of mass produced nursery products and objects currently on the market. Indeed the project came about in response to typical nursery wares – the over-saturation of blues and pinks, poor quality or difficult to source locally designed and manufactured items.

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